Project Team

  • AQUATEKNIK - Water Treatment Suppliers

    The company was founded in 1987 and is specialized in water treatment. AQUA-TEKNIK offers development, design, projecting and installation of individually manufactured water treatment systems, and has built up an extensive knowledge.

    Some of our focus areas are:

    Swimming pools, water parks, campsites, hotels, amusement parks
    Zoological gardens, aquariums, animal parks
    Water art, fountains, mirror basins
    Industrial water treatment
    Canal systems, natural lakes, rivers and waterfalls

  • PORTLAND DESIGN - Retail Design Specialists

    Portland Design, part of the City Industrial group of companies, who were established in 1987, are a London-based design consultancy with a distinguished record in the Middle East region. Well over half of their revenues are earned overseas.

    They specialize in the retail, leisure, entertainment and hospitality sectors. They are responsible for the detailed layout and design of the interior of the Mall of Arabia, which with over 1250 retail outlets, is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

    Contact point: James McDowell-Foord ( (0044 207 288 6160)

  • FUTURE FOODS AND DESIGN INC - Designers of the Food Courts in the Mall of Arabia.

    DesignInc are a broadly based architectural practice with their Head Office in North Sydney in Australia. They specialize in a wide range of both urban and interior design and have offices in Dubai, Beijing and Jakarta besides several cities in Australia. They have done the overall designs for the food outlets in the Mall of Arabia, which number over 100.

    Contact point: Carolyn Varney 04 211 5100

    Contact Point: Francis Loughran

  • LDP

    LDP is a network of Visual Planners and Lighting Designers based in Sydney, Auckland, Singapore and Shanghai. LDP currently serves projects in 9 countries throughout the Middle East, Asia, Australia and China from these offices. LDP was founded over 20 years ago and their experience spans across exterior, transport, commercial, retail, heritage, hospitality, and assembly projects. Additionally LDP is a pioneer in the field of Urban Lighting Planning. For City of Arabia, LDP are currently responsible for all the interiors and exterior of the Mall of Arabia, the exterior lighting for the proposed hotels and the public area lighting of Wadi Walk.

  • Dhabi Contracting Est

    Dhabi Contracting Est was established in 1983 under ‘Special Category’ in the U.A.E. It is one of the best-developed and modernized contracting companies in the United Arab Emirates. It was established by forming a highly motivated team of engineers and support staff with long track records in the UAE. It has built its reputation by introducing innovative state of art technologies in concept, development, design, planning, scheduling and execution of projects.

    Dhabi Contracting Est undertakes diversified turnkey construction projects with in-house capabilities for specialized jobs in the field of Civil Engineering works and Electro-Mechanical Engineering. The sphere of its activities include industrial, commercial, institutional, high-rise residential & luxurious villa complexes and sewerage projects. Dhabi Contracting Est and its staff have a vast experience in executing large and medium sized projects on a turnkey basis.

    Dhabi Contracting Est. carries out general construction concept, design, planning, implementation and execution of diversified projects on a turnkey basis for electrical and mechanical installation, operation and maintenance of commercial and industrial buildings and plants including but not limited to power generation, water and sewage treatment, chilled water systems and extra low voltage systems. Dhabi Contracting Est. owns a large inventory and range of construction machinery and equipment for carrying out all types of Civil Engineering and Electro-Mechanical Engineering operations.