September 2007


City of Arabia forges ahead with construction of mega commercial, residential & retail project at the heart of Dubailand with latest appointment

Dubai, 3 September 2007 – City of Arabia, the landmark project at the heart of Dubailand, has appointed Hill International as Construction Managers for the much anticipated mega shopping complex, Mall of Arabia, one of the world’s largest and most ambitious retail outlets.

Hill International, a leading global consulting firm has been appointed by Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group to provide Construction Management services for the City of Arabia Mall development. Hill International has worked on a number of major development CM projects around the world including Palm Jumeirah in Dubai and Shams in Abu Dhabi, and internationally on the Comcast Center in Philadelphia, New York New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and Merck & Co. Inc. Manufacturing Facilities, among others.

Ilyas Galadari, Chairman of Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group said of the new appointment, “We are delighted to appoint Hill International as Construction Managers. We have had a long standing relationship with Hill since 2005 when we appointed them as project managers for the City of Arabia development, and we have every trust and confidence in Hill’s ability to manage the construction of the mega Mall of Arabia as we take this innovative and challenging project forward.”

He added, “The infrastructure for the City of Arabia project is being completed ahead of schedule and we had the opportunity to consider how best to move into our construction phase. In order to streamline operations and work to maximum efficiency our strategic decision to appoint Hill as Construction Managers for the Mall of Arabia means that we can continue to take a close, hands-on role in the construction of the development.”

Following a business model used for the construction of some of the more progressive buildings in Dubai including Emirates Towers, Burj Al Arab and Dubai Airport, City of Arabia appointed Hill International to manage construction of the Mall. Hill International will manage six construction packages (main structure, mechanical and electrical works, finishing, lifts and escalators, landscaping and tenant fit-out) rather than use the main-contractor model.

Ziyad Khuri, Vice President Dubai Operations, Hill International commented, “The Mall of Arabia project is a landmark for Dubai. The scale of the project is immense with a perimeter of 2.3 km, up to 16,000 workers employed at the peak of construction and the anticipated need for at least 2 million cubic feet of concrete. Hill International is delighted to work along side City of Arabia in the realization of its vision. The Mall of Arabia is one of the most exciting and challenging developments we have had the privilege to be involved with and we look forward to continuing to successfully work with the Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari Group.”

Mustafa Galadari, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group, added “A project as revolutionary, diverse and exceptional as City of Arabia needs to be carefully managed. Working with the best people is paramount to success and we believe that Hill International is the right partner with a level of understanding and experience to bring the Mall of Arabia development to fruition.”

City of Arabia starting construction of mega mall with latest appointment

Dubai, 22 September 2007 – City of Arabia, the landmark development at the heart of Dubailand, has appointed Dhabi Contracting to take the main trade package for the Mall of Arabia (Phase 1). The retail project which is already ahead of schedule on the infrastructure side, will move into a fast track phase with completion of the structure due 21 months from the start of construction.

Mustafa Galadari, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group, said “The appointment of Dhabi Contracting moves us forward to the construction phase of the Mall. We have worked hard to select the right people for the job and Dhabi Contracting have a reputation as a company who can deliver projects based on the right skill mix and equipment resources.”

Dhabi Contracting, a local company with 30 years experience in the region, will be working directly on the main structure of the giant Mall. Forming a key element of the City of Arabia development, the Mall will have direct and exclusive access to the world class Restless Planet dinosaur theme park on Level 2, and will be linked to the rest of the complex, a mix of hotels, commercial and residential real estate plus boutique restaurants and shops, by small electrically powered boats on the ‘wadi’ and an Automotive People Mover.

Sami Edward, General Manager, Dhabi Contracting, commented, “City of Arabia is one of the best known projects in the Middle East and we are extremely pleased to be working on the Mall development. Unique in design terms, the Mall of Arabia presents a major logistical challenge which will involve more than 4,000 labourers, 120 engineers and 21 tower cranes. It is a challenge that Dhabi Contracting are well prepared to meet, proving that local contracting companies are well able to achieve the high standards required by mega projects such as this one.”