March 2006

Images_Mar1.jpgCity of Arabia team recently launched the Wadi Walk, the waterside residence and key part of the ‘city’ onto the Dubai market.

Scale models was displayed at the City of Arabia Exhibition, representing various parts of the development, including a phenomenal


100metre square model of the Wadi Walk.

The Wadi Walk meandering among the high-rise towers the 10-km Wadi Walk is a flowing waterway, designed to create a series of quiet urban spaces.

Lining the canal, which will be wide enough to accommodate small electric powered boats, will be the Wadi Residences, consisting of low-rise pastel shaded blocks, with a shady promenade on either side and basement parking facilities.

Gowealthy, a leading real estate marketing company in Dubai have been appointed as lead consultants for the Wadi Walk.