April 2006


City of Arabia signed contracts with a number of international companies during April from the movie world to provide content for the Restless Planet, the awesome dinosaur theme attraction that will constitute a major part of City of Arabia and raise the bar for quality entertainment inthe region.

With a spectacular 75 metre dome, 4 state of the art rides, and a wealth of interactive edutainment, the Restless Planet, will tell in a highly dramatic way the story of the birth of Planet Earth and the rise and fall of the dinosaurs It is being developed with the assistance of an international team, led by Jack Rouse Associates and includes the Natural History Museum of London and Dr Jack Horner, the famous dinosaur expert and adviser to Stephen Spielberg for the Jurassic Park movies.

The international companies who signed contracts to provide content for the Restless Planet are ECA2, Super78, Blur Studio, Impossible Pictures, Yessian and Wild Brain.